Earl Fruit Company

he Earl Fruit Company, with headquarters at Los Angeles during the winter, and at Sacramento during the summer, operates in all important fruit districts in California. It is an incorporated company with a paid up capital and surplus of $250,000, with Eastern branches in Chicago, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

This company established a branch in Redlands, and commenced shipping oranges during the season of 1889-90. Having commenced when orange shipping was in its infancy in this district, their business has grown with the developments of the industry, until they handle a large percentage of the Redlands orange crop.

The Earl Fruit Company have just completed and addition to their packing-house, and now have one of the largest and best appointed packing-houses in the State. The present house is 100 x 160 feet, including platforms, and has storage room for 25 carloads of oranges, and a capacity for packing of four carloads or 1300 boxes daily. The grader and box-carriers are run by electricity and about forty people are employed during packing season. Their famous "Sunflower," brand Redlands oranges is well known, and stands at the head in every market in the United States and Canada.

(Source: Illustrated Redlands, 1897, p. 82)